5th Kind is the workflow backbone used by the world’s most innovative entertainment studios and consumer brands.

Built for the creative process and dedicated to driving bottom-line efficiencies, 5th Kind’s CORE™ platform centralizes and secures all digital files to eliminate duplication, simplify access, improve collaboration and reduce costs.


It all began in 2001, when 5th Kind founder and CEO Steve Cronan was working on the Matrix Sequels and recognized that the models and processes used to secure, centralize, archive, re-use and distribute all of the assets involved throughout a production’s lifecycle were obsolete.

5th Kind was born out of this need for a complete re-imagining of workflow for the digital world and has since, developed and advanced an award-winning CORE™ platform that enables productions, studios and brands to streamline, secure and consolidate communication and asset management into a single digital hub.

For over a decade, 5th Kind has served as the workflow backbone on more than 40 blockbuster productions and across every major studio, including Marvel, Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Aardman Animation, and Sony Pictures.

5th Kind’s industry-leading innovations and relentless pursuit of excellence has earned the company global recognition and multiple awards including the prestigious Dammy of the Year award in 2012 honoring “an outstanding individual or organization that has positively impacted the success and growth of the DAM industry and community, demonstrating forward-thinking leadership, innovation and a global perspective.”

5th Kind’s unique approach to digital workflow has garnered the attention of other industries around the world and has since, catalyzed 5th Kind’s expansion into providing enterprise-wide digital workflow and asset management for leading consumer brands like Nissan and Toyota, as well as government entities like NASA.

Steve Cronan

Steve Cronan, Founder and CEO of 5th Kind , has been involved in feature film production since 2001 when he transitioned from web and systems engineering to become the Digital Asset Manager for the Matrix sequels. From this unique position, Cronan oversaw all internal and external workflows within these digitally intensive productions, leading him to develop an asset management and production workflow system. Partnering with studios, productions, crew and vendors, Cronan continues to develop new standards to automate asset and metadata processes for feature film production.

In 2012 Steve was recognized for his expertise and contribution to the industry by being awarded the 2012 DAMMY of the year.

Executive Team

Robert Crotty
VP of Business Development

Kimberley Gardiner
CMO & VP Operations

John Attard
Head of Workflow and Sale Engineering

Product Team

Jonathan Conoley
VP of Engineering

Robert Kraig
Senior Engineer

Client Services

Allan Bayaua
Head of Support

Olessya Magarchenko
Office Manager

The Next Evolution in Digital Asset, Production and Workflow Management

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