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Published 10/21/2020

5th Kind’s CORE Wins NAB Show Product of the Year

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CORE wins NABShow Product of the Year


We’re excited to share that 5th Kind has won the NAB Show Product of the Year for Asset Management, Automation, and Playout!  Many thanks to the National Association of Broadcasters who honored us with this award and who will be presenting it (remotely, of course) at NAB Show New York on October 20, 2020.  

The award honors our CORE product developments this year that make working remotely safe, smarter, and more efficient.  

From prep through post, with easy-to-use, web-based tools, CORE’s innovative, relevant, secure, and flexible solutions are a winning combination. 



At the foundation of our products is CORE. CORE is a secure digital asset management and workflow orchestration tool.  It combines best-of-breed in capture, conversion, organization, search, collaboration and distribution into one unified platform. 

As a metadata-based asset system, CORE allows you to customize taxonomies and unify your organizational structures, as well as orchestrate your creative reviews and approvals for your end-to-end workflows.  

And now, newly extensible features like CORE Live and CORE Sync provide teams with the tools to manage any number of workflows digitally, collaborate globally, and communicate in real-time. 


5th Kind CORE Orchestration Platform - Digital Workflows, Remote Work, Remote Production, Virtual Collaboration, Digital Asset Management



When the pandemic hit, our clients experienced a whole new set of pain points. In response, we pivoted quickly to add a synchronized, real-time, remote collaboration tool that worked with the existing CORE framework.  

5th Kind CORE Sync

Created for team content reviews, dailies notes or conceptual presentations, CORE Sync is a personally watermarked, real-time collaboration tool. Sync handles creative reviews and ensures users are looking at the same frame, page, or image with no installs, no file downloads, and no hardware. Supported across web browsers, mobile devices, and AppleTV, you can view, annotate and collaborate securely in real time.


Learn More About Sync



This spring and summer, we had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with the Entertainment Technology Center at USC on its Ripple Effect project. The project focused on remote production, Covid compliance, and blending 2D and 3D elements in live production. Participating in the project both accelerated product development and expanded our solutions to remote production and capture workflows. CORE Live and other integrations further support our end-to-end production management and studio asset management solutions. 

5th Kind Core Live

With the convergence of LED walls, photogrammetry and Unreal, all under the threat of Covid, sets will be more connected and have more challenges than ever before. CORE Live is a remote creative tool that allows any user to view the live production feed and give feedback in real time. Live aids the return to production safely by helping to minimize the number of people on set. CORE Live’s capture capabilities assist with editorial deliverables and with a witness cam feed. Witness cams are essential on today’s productions in order to support health and safety guidelines and monitor contact tracing. 

CORE Live Features:

  • Individually watermarked, high quality, live streaming platform
  • Real-time live stream capture and metadata enabling editorial to provide a first pass within minutes
  • ScriptE integration pushes script supervisor notes directly into the system
  • Colorfront integration for color corrected dailies and camera metadata for a 2nd pass deliverable allowing files to be reviewed and distributed instantly
  • Live feed recorded from all connected cameras at 5-minute intervals
  • All files ingest into a faceted search
  • Clean contextual experience
  • Powerful annotation and note taking tools 


Explore CORE Live


CORE Integrations

An additional resource, Bluescape offers a visual workspace for creatives to organize their materials for presentations and working sessions.
Seamlessly upload, categorize, and share files from your Box account within the CORE platform.
Push color corrected dailies and other footage into CORE.
Manage and organize files to and from Unreal and Ftrack into CORE for review, approval, distribution, reference, storage, and more.
Push script supervisor notes directly into the CORE system, building relationships between script files and captured footage.
The live capture solution that pushes from live set into our CORE platform.



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