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First of all, thanks for visiting. We know there are a lot of Digital Asset Management providers out there; we hope this site highlights all the things that set us apart.

What we do

5th Kind is the workflow backbone used by the world’s most innovative entertainment companies and consumer brands.

Inspired by the creative process, built for true digital collaboration and dedicated to driving bottom-line efficiencies. CORE by 5th Kind centralizes and secures all digital files to improve collaboration, eliminate duplication, simplify access and reduce costs.

Our story

Hi, I’m Steve Cronan, the founder of 5th Kind. It all started in 2001, when I was the Digital Asset Manager on the Matrix Sequels and was lucky enough to experience the full production process from beginning to end, across the two movies, video game and animatrix TV show.

I was able to work with users across all departments and be exposed to the all tools, processes, metadata and workflows needed to manage such large scale productions. We were using a mix of different technologies in an attempt to manage, secure, centralize, archive, re-use and distribute all the assets involved during a production’s lifecycle.

Taking my previous experience as a network and software engineer, I was able to analyze all the patterns across the digital pipeline and formulate them into a single platform that could securely manage any file, communication, data or worfklow.

5th Kind.

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For over a decade, we have created cutting edge technological solutions to make our clients’ lives easier and have been proud to serve as the workflow backbone of more than 50+ blockbuster productions across Hollywood’s major studios including Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Miramax, Rovio and Sony Pictures.

Our unique approach to digital workflow has garnered us the attention of other industries around the world. We’ve had the fortune of expanding into enterprise DAM solutions and now are proud to work with leading consumer brands like Nissan, Toyota and Lexus.

As a thought leader in the space we have been heavily involved in working with various groups to help create standards and educate the community on the possibilities of digital technologies and in 2012 this work awarded us the DAMMY of the year.

Well that’s our story. Thanks again for visiting 5thKind.com. Let’s talk sometime soon about how we can help solve your DAM needs.

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