Box Integration

CORE + Box is a single-point workflow management integration that solves your biggest communication and collaboration challenges. It’s streamlined. It’s secure. It’s efficient. And it’s even more impactful when you’re juggling distributed teams across multiple projects.

Users love Box’s intuitive drag and drop folder structure. CTOs love CORE’s metadata-based asset management and collaboration functionality that facilitates smoother digital workflows, reduces costs, and increases security.

Turn your files into assets that work for you and help your team collaborate from anywhere on any device.




CORE + BOX Checks A Lot of Your Boxes.

We get it. The demands of modern workflows are endless. At the end of the day, what you need is secure, efficient communication within and outside of your company anywhere in the world, at any time. CORE + Box does just that.

Workflow Highlights

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • High-Speed Distribution
  • Granular Access Controls
  • Contextual Approvals
  • Faceted Searching
  • Powerful Sharing Controls

Feature Highlights

  • Advanced Metadata Management
  • Custom, On-the-Fly Watermarking
  • Frame-Accurate Annotations
  • Unlimited File Size
  • Multi-Device Support Including TV
  • Event-Based Orchestration


Toss Your Costly One-Off Tools.
Box + CORE Orchestrates Your Workflows.


Now more than ever, virtual collaboration is a necessity. But the cost and multitude of one-off tools aren’t making anything better. No one tool, not even Box, addresses them all. Yet by integrating Box into CORE’s extensive functionality, secure and seamless communication and collaboration is no longer a pipedream.


A Powerful Partnership Providing a Single Solution.

By integrating CORE’s extensive functionality and infinitely configurable metadata framework into Box, we address your day-to-day workflow issues -- collaboration, security, and asset management -- while solving your broader communication problems.

Box makes work easy.
CORE makes work smart.

People appreciate Box’s intuitive folder structure. Paired with CORE, users can leverage Box’s folder paths to streamline ingesting and tagging in the organizational taxonomy. Files are organized and findable.

Virtual collaboration built for
the future of work, now.

Upload, download, browse, search and view Box files directly in CORE. Not to mention synched playback for real-time virtual collaboration, contextual approvals, file commenting and historical tracking. Give your team the tools to fire on all cylinders.

CORE workflows maximize the
investment in your assets.

Use your metadata to orchestrate a range of workflows including design reviews, localization pipeline, marketing distribution, approval processes, file processing and transfers, AI analysis, and more.

Top-notch security for
your most valuable digital assets.

In addition to advanced share and access controls, CORE gives Box users custom, real-time watermarking of videos, images and docs.


Box + CORE: What’s In It For You

Save time. Save money.

Watch your team’s efficiency skyrocket with our secure and integrated digital workflows.

Fewer tools. Lower costs.

It’s just another efficiency your bottom line is sure to appreciate.

Increase Productivity.

Spend less time searching for assets and more time on your real work.


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