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Published 10/22/2020

CORE 6.5 Optimizes Virtual Collaboration – Smoother, Faster, Better

By: admin

We’ve heard your work-from-home and reduced staff concerns.  That’s why this quarter’s major product updates are all about working smarter and more efficiently remotely.  6.5 offers more stability, scalability, and speed along with new features, expanding the CORE secure media collaboration platform you’ve come to trust.

Sync is a review and presentation tool that works in combination with your favorite online conferencing tool or simply your phone.  Supported in its first iteration on desktop and tablets, Sync enables teams to securely review videos, images, docs, audio files, and coming soon, 3D models anywhere in the world in real time.  

5th Kind CORE Sync Real-Time, Frame Accurate, Review Meeting Tool

The new Sync feature gives you the ability to make on-the-spot decisions within any workflow: 

  • Synchronization is accurate to the page and video frame.  
  • Watermarking is personalized, so every Sync user sees their own name and information over the screen.  
  • Annotation tools work in real-time, while displaying the name of the user making the annotations.
  • And for additional security, the session host manages all playback controls, while additional files in the playlist are hidden from session users.

5th Kind CORE Sync

Clients are already using the tool for dailies review sessions, marketing approvals, and secure meeting presentations.  The module currently supports up to 100 active users and will be scaled up in future builds. A feature available to all current CORE clients, Sync is also available as a standalone product. 


Box Integration

Importing files into CORE is even easier now.  Our seamless integration with Box.com enables users to access, navigate, manage, and tag Box files directly in CORE.  Select one or many files, and instantly upload or create a share through CORE tying in your metadata, sharing rules, user roles, and all other security features that you’ve come to rely upon. 


ALE Importer

CORE Post Production Dailies Workflow

By popular demand, we’ve added an ALE importer function to generate and tag files with Avid metadata in CORE.  This first version supports standard ALE fields. A future enhancement will allow you to match non-standard ALE columns to tags in Core.

For those of you asking, “What’s an ALE?”: It’s a film database file used in media post-production that contains a shot log of film, video, and audio data . ALE files store both the schema (database columns) and the contents of a film database. Example fields may include camera roll identifiers, video track names, shooting dates, start and stop times, soundrolls, and descriptions. All of these data points allow editors to assemble the original footage finto a cut version of the project.


Search Improvements

Find your assets even faster.  The 6.5 update better leverages search functionality so that the Browse and Faceted Search functions now filter each other making the resulting set of options more usable and relevant to you.  


Share Package Types

As you know, package types and sharing are at the core (pun intended) of our platform’s digital workflows.  Now, instead of writing explainer messages about what files you need to have reviewed and how, you can send specific package types that alert your recipient to what they need to do.

5th Kind CORE Share Package TypesApprovals Package

This type of package share takes recipients directly into the Approvals panel workflow.

Dailies Package with Simple Playback

Perfect for executive reviews or lengthy FYI distribution lists, this package puts users directly into the content playlist you want them to see, with no visibility of other users or comments.  

Download Package

Sometimes you just need to send assets for download.  In this package type, the recipient will receive a link in an email.  When they click ‘download’, they arrive at a clean download experience: no clutter, no other actions.  Just a simple download.


Watermarking Types

On-the-fly watermarking is a necessary security feature that we’ve offered from day one of the product.  Today, the list of watermarks CORE offers is extensive, and made to fit your security requirements.  Now that list is readily available with previews of each style, so that admin users can select the best watermark types to associate with user roles and file types.


Broader Device Accessibility

5th Kind CORE Broader Device Accessibility

More remote work means more work on the go.  Users and mobile devices alike score a huge win with the 6.5 update.  The full CORE desktop experience is now available to all users on tablets through your iOS or Android browsers. Organize, review, share, comment, and annotate no matter where you are. 


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