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Published 08/12/2021

CORE 6.6 – More Approachable & Supercharged For Faster Collaboration & Decision Making

By: Andy Rosic

Hold on tight, because 5th Kind has done a lot of work to make your work better. The new 6.6 release is all about supercharging CORE functions and making the UI more approachable to optimize your collaboration experience and enable you to make decisions faster. From working together live, to staying in sync on ideas, to comments and sharing, this is the next evolution in your secure and trusted CORE digital workspace.

New Navigation UI

Front and center one of the biggest changes you’ll immediately see is the left navigation menu. It’s been redesigned to take up far less space while also being more accessible for both power users and occasional users alike. We’ve also added “folders” for users who prefer folder browsing versus the browse tree view.


LIVE Rooms

LIVE Rooms is a completely new feature within CORE. Production and work have forever been changed, and 5th Kind is changing to meet that demand. Our new LIVE Rooms feature is a mashup of video conferencing plus screen sharing with annotations plus live camera feeds. And all of it is secure, watermarked, and as simple as a package share.

You told us you want video conferencing and screen sharing inside of our app.  A Live Room centers around a secure, shared high-end Dolby™️ video conference space, complete with advanced background noise cancellation. Beyond just collaborating together, a Live Room also gives you the option to have 1, 2, 4, or up to 9 live camera feeds streaming into the room. We’re talking almost zero-latency, global video streaming directly into your room, with watermarking, and we can record those streams automatically into CORE.

Nobody wants valuable IP being broadcast through zoom or meet or other tools. LIVE Rooms is based on our proven package sharing technology; they are secure, easy to create, easy to delete, easy to share, and fun to use with your colleagues. As the Live Room creator, you can invite other CORE users to join you during room setup or even ad-hoc during a session. Whether you have cameras on or off is up to you, but keeping your assets safe during a screen share is crucial. No more tool switching and hoping no one shares the wrong file. No more complicated live stream setup. Launch a Live Room and get production done!


Improved Annotations & Commenting

Communicating with each other over assets is central to what CORE is all about. And the following updates to commenting and annotations will make that communication faster and more accurate.

New On-Screen Positional Annotations

  • We’ve added a super useful and elegant on-screen comment option. Now, when you’re in the player viewing content you can click anywhere on the file and add a comment. You can slide the blue anchor to exactly where you want it, and even move the comment around to where it doesn’t impede the view. It allows for accurate notes that are easy as point and click.

Range-Based Selector & Annotations

  • We’ve added range-based annotations to videos. This means you can apply a single comment to a span of time within the video.
  • The comment will include the time/frame range, and if someone clicks that comment the player will show them only that selected range of the video to review.

5th Kind CORE 6.6 Ranged Annotations

Commenting UI Clean Up & New Toolbar Feature 

  • As you’ve seen, we’ve been hard at work on cleaning up the commenting design. It’s now super easy to reply to a specific comment or even delete one of your comments (or someone else’s if your rights allow it).
  • In the Player, the comment field itself is now under the screen and accessible in fullscreen mode.
  • We’ve also refined the options for the comment/discussion panel and added more tools to make your life simpler. Now you have options to:
    • Search the comments
    • Add users to a comment thread
    • Download the comment thread
    • Re-sort the comments by newest, oldest, or timecode
    • Group comments by file
    • Delete the discussion
    • Launch a new discussion


Forensic Watermarking

Forensic Watermarking has been upgraded to an enterprise-level feature. This feature is off, by configuration, for most clients. But, it can be turned on by request for an additional fee.


Package Updates

The “package” is a central grouping concept within CORE, and so we’ve done a lot of work to update, improve, and streamline package activities like sharing, approvals, the inbox, and more.

File Versions & Relationships

  • With file versions, you can see how files are related to one another and create parent-child relationships across files in the platform.

5th Kind CORE 6.6 Versions, Children, Recipients

Package & Inbox UI Refinements

  • Recipients Panel: We’ve made it easier in the Recipients Panel to see exactly what’s happened with each share via a clean summary view.
  • Drag & Drop: You can now “drag & drop” files directly into packages from your desktop or files window.
  • Inbox UI Clean Up: The inbox received some tidying up. The message rows are shorter and have less space in-between, showing more on your screen. Colors are simpler and have more contrast – dark is darker, and light is lighter. And the view is responsive to adapt from very large screens down to small ones (even your iPad).
  • Package Share Form Redesign: We heard from many of you that the share form, a most-used section of the application, needed help. And we are grateful to the many clients and users who participated in user research sessions to evaluate, refine, and create what is now the final product!

5th Kind CORE 6.6 Inbox and Package Cleanup


SYNC Review

Sync’s phase 2 has evolved into Review Mode. Now anyone can open a package in Review Mode — a trimmed down player with fewer onscreen controls and more viewing spaces.  Add users during your secure live review sessions and apply either temporary annotations to point something out, or permanent ones to capture for reference.  The look of Review Mode has advanced by keeping the “Simple Viewer” aesthetic that let’s you focus on your work by removing some of the Asset Viewer’s advanced features, while also adding a dark comments panel that can be opened for reference and notes at any time during a Review session.

  • Pro Tip: From the inbox, click the Open in Review Mode button to launch straight into Review Mode. Submit approvals of all types in Review Mode (or in the full asset viewer).


Approvals Version 2

There are some powerful new workflow additions to sharing. The first one is a major enhancement to our Approvals. You can now request specific approval types and have these associate actual statuses to files. The other is related to how your recipients receive and view the content you share with them.

Send & Request Approvals

  • An important phase of work within CORE is gathering approvals on files. We’ve had the “thumbs” up and down for some time, but now approvals can support an infinite number of approval types, statuses, and workflows. They can provide context to the approval.
  • As the sender of an approval package, you can select the type of approval you’re after – thumbs for yes/no, or one of the new custom approval and status types defined by your teams. You can also add a due date. Note that the due date is not currently “enforced” in any way, but it is a useful signal to your recipients about when you’d like the approvals completed.

Updated Recipient Experience

  • As the recipient, note that you can progress through files entering your approvals and then signal to the sender that you are done by clicking the “Approvals Complete” button. Let them know you’re on the ball!  It’s also available in Review Mode.

5th Kind CORE 6.6 Recipient Approvals


Player Playback Your Way

We love a good set of keyboard shortcuts! We’re introducing this and some video playback options to help you better do your work.

  • In a thumbs up/down approval package, with the player active, you can simply type “A” to approve or “R” to reject. If you’re not on autoplay then you can also use the left/right arrow keys to move between files.
  • For videos where you have not begun typing into the comments area, start and stop the video using the spacebar.
  • Click on the speed playback setting in the player to see all of your playback speed options – now including multiple reverse speeds.
  • If you’re watching content in the player, and set the “Pin timecode” settings option to “On”, then the timecode will continue to display for all video content in that session. Note that we do not remember this setting beyond the current session.


Powerpoint Image Watermarking: Decks Phase 1

The first phase of this feature, CORE now offers beta Powerpoint image extraction and instant custom watermarking.  A powerful new tool to support sharing Powerpoint files, you can select individual images within the deck to be watermarked per recipient. Upload one Powerpoint deck, and share it to hundreds of recipients, and each recipient sees the images you selected watermarked with their name on them. What takes dozens or hundreds of hours to do today manually is now just a couple of clicks away.


User Management Improvements

User Settings Summary

  • With so many granular controls, understanding a user’s settings can be a little complicated. To simplify this, we’ve created a new tab, visible to Admins, that is a 1-page summary of a user profile’s or user role’s settings. This view gives an admin a quick reference for all of the settings applied to the person or role.
  • Note that this view is new and has a simplistic design. We intend to improve the layout in a future release to further add value to the tab.

Overall User Management Improvements

  • We now set a user’s time zone when they login to CORE
  • Adjust the logout timer on a per role or per user basis
  • Adjust thumbnail sizes to help prevent screen capturing and IP leaks
  • Avoid switching screens and add a new production directly in the User Profile or in a User Role


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