CORE Dailies

We get it: not everyone needs an entire DAM system. CORE Dailies is for our friends who just want a simple, secure way to view dailies. So we leveraged the strengths of our CORE platform to elevate the dailies viewing experience. Take a look, and let us know if you want to chat.



Life is complicated.
Your dailies viewer shouldn’t be.

No complicated access or navigation required. One click and
you’re watching your content. It’s that simple.


Our mission? The security of your dailies.

Let’s get technical. All video uses an encrypted HDS/HLS stream. We employ built-in firewalls including VPC subnet control. Secure access allows HTTPS access using SSL/TLS. And our on-the-fly and burn-in watermarking with recipient names ensures the security of your assets. Wasn’t that fun?

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CORE Dailies gets it done.

What you need: no limits on file size. Complete control over your assets and users. Super fast upload and streaming speeds via global CDN. A web-based platform with no installation required. What we deliver: all of the above.


Works anywhere. Just like you.

Any location, any device. CORE Dailies delivers video in HD around the globe, via CDN, through mobile and Apple TV apps or in browser. It’s that easy.


The best for the best.

Backed by the world-class innovation used by over 56 major studio
productions, CORE Dailies by 5th Kind is here to meet all your dailies needs.



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