Core Live

Get your teams in a room — virtually — to meet, view, create, and collaborate wherever you are. Host your remote video village, presentations to your remote teams, live events, and more, securely, in a real-time environment built for collaboration and creation.
The CORE LIVE feature from CORE by 5th Kind offers two different modules:

LIVE Rooms

The new all-in-one remote production, video conferencing, screen sharing with annotations, and live multi-camera feed tool

CORE LIVE Teradek Integration

A remote, streaming video village integration from Teradek to CORE by 5th Kind.


LIVE Rooms:
Make Room to Create & Collaborate

LIVE Rooms bundles essential tools that give you and your team a better collaboration experience. Stream, meet, and review your camera feeds and screen-shared assets to an unlimited number of users, no matter where they are. All without any additional hardware investment.

LIVE Rooms Highlights

  • Instantly Gather the Team
  • Up to 9 Live Streaming Feeds
  • Camera & Source Auto-Recording
  • Virtual Conferencing
  • Simultaneous Meeting & Video Chat
  • Screen Sharing with Annotations
  • Low-Latency Live Streaming
  • Studio-Grade Security
  • Invite-Only Access
  • User Watermarks
  • Unlimited Users
  • No Downloads
  • Tablet [& Apple TV soon] Support
  • 24/7 Security Logging



Ensure Your Live Content’s Security With CORE Live

Built For The Way You Work

LIVE Rooms was built with the creative work session in mind. Crafted to meet, stream, share, and annotate, get immediate feedback with camera feed recordings you can review post session.

A Performance Promise

Built on the power of trusted tools and technology used by leading studios and production teams, the quality of your work remains uncompromised in LIVE Rooms. Picture displays in HD 1080p, and camera feeds stream with near-zero latency.
Moreover, our Dolby integration guarantees 5.1 audio quality and features noise dampening.

Studio-Grade Security

Our proprietary CORE ID™ technology applies a unique cryptographic watermark in real-time to every frame of remote video and screen sharing to protect your content. What’s more, streams are encrypted, LIVE Rooms are invite only, and 24/7 security monitoring is powered by CORE.


CORE LIVE Teradek Integration:
LIVE From Set Anywhere in the World

CORE LIVE reduces production travel costs, improves set safety, and facilitates communication with your remote teams and stakeholders by bringing everyone together in one digital space. Our Teradek Integration gives your shoots and live events the video village experience from wherever they happen to be, all with the security of a locked set. The only thing it can’t replace? Craft services.


CORE LIVE Teradek Integration:
Camera to Cloud Recordings

Whether it be a set witness cam, A cam, or B unit, your camera feeds auto-record to the cloud in intervals up to two hours long while capturing associated real-time metadata. These feeds are then easy to review and reference, even in advance of your dailies. And your set cam recordings can be used for safety and security log purposes.

CORE Live Highlights

  • Up to 9 Live Camera Feeds
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Personally Watermarked
  • Tablet Support
  • Granular Access Controls and Logging


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