The way we work has changed. Where and how you can meet online with your teams has evolved into a cascade of options and new tools, but they haven’t necessarily made the process better or easier.Simplifying collaboration with your teams has always been a CORE priority. So we created CORE Sync a real-time meeting tool that allows your teams to interactively review and annotate your fully-synchronized assets from anywhere in the world. All while providing the CORE security measures you’ve come to rely on with personally watermarked files and high quality protect streams.




Capture Your Team’s Real-Time Feedback & Annotations on Shared, Synchronized Files.

CORE Sync has its name for a reason. With Sync, you can share files in a synchronized review session where an unlimited number of recipients can view your package of files. Both you and your recipients have the ability to annotate and interact across frame-specific video, paginated documents, and zoom-able images, giving feedback in real-time. Audience participation required!

Frame-Specific Video

Paginated Documents

Zoomed Images


No Need To Install Any Software,
Download Anything,
Or Purchase Any Hardware.


No More Screensharing YOUR OWN Watermark On Files.

In a Sync session, when a recipient views the files in your package, the files are personally watermarked with their name. What’s more, no one else has control of the share or access to the files. The files can only be seen by the recipients when you activate the review mode. And when you close the review session, the package closes for everyone else, too.

Individual Watermarks

Restricted File Access

Session Start & End Controls


Don’t waste time searching for files during a call.
Prep and send your files before the call takes place.

The power of CORE Sync lets you manage the conversation ahead of time.
Simply send a review package to an unlimited number of your colleagues.
Hop on to your preferred online calling service.
Hit the review button in CORE to begin sharing your package files with your recipients.


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