• High-speed upload and download of any file size or file type
  • Multiple resolution proxy creations of over 50 video codecs including ProRes and windows formats
  • Multiple resolution proxy creations of over 300 image formats including raw formats like HDR, CR2, NEF, and DPX
  • Multiple resolution proxy creations of over 12 document formats including pdf, doc, xls, ppt, pages…
  • Proxy creation of audio formats with waveform viewer
  • 3D models native viewing in a browser without the need for plugin (coming soon)
  • The ability to download groups of files as the files are available (no need for zip)
  • Ingest and share whilst files are still uploading
  • Bandwidth detection for best streaming quality
  • Video sub-clipping
  • “Viewed” indicator to easily track what you have/haven’t seen
  • “Comment” indicator to easily track new comments
  • Administrative monitoring of users uploads and downloads
  • Storyboard thumbnails to preview video files during playback
  • File relationships/genealogy
  • Version controls
  • Facial and object detection


  • Simple sharing and distribution workflows, including ad-hoc package creation
  • Shopping-cart like experience for package/playlist creation and distribution
  • Drag and drop package creation with custom playlist ordering
  • Integrated review and approval workflow, supporting multiple status types
  • Frame and page accurate annotation capabilities
  • Ranged annotations available on playable file types
  • Full commenting and conversation workflows including private and public commenting features
  • Version control to ensure users are seeing correct version of an asset
  • Asset-centric inbox experience, including the ability to favorite, label, sort, and search
  • User history module to see what you’ve viewed, downloaded, uploaded, and commented on
  • Easily set notifications based on system-specific actions such as ingest, approvals, etc
  • Review mode allowing you to comment and annotate over multiple files/frames/pages in a single review
  • Contextual shares allowing you to control the user experience for the recipient
  • Custom branded portals for external viewing and downloading of assets (coming soon)


  • On-the-fly visual and forensic watermarking when viewing videos
  • On-the-fly visual watermarking when viewing images and documents
  • Baked-in visual watermarking for sharing and downloading
  • File access rules based on any piece of file metadata within system
  • User access rules based on any piece of user metadata within system
  • Restrict amount of times an asset is viewed and/or downloaded
  • Restrict times and dates an asset can be viewed and/or downloaded
  • Full audit trail of every action performed within system at asset or user level
  • All video uses encrypted HDS/HLS streams
  • Secure access allow HTTPS access using SSL/TLS 1.2
  • DDoS protection at multiple layers
  • 3rd party penetration tested quarterly
  • Source code review annually
  • Disk-level encryption
  • Authentication based on latest OAuth 2.0 standards
  • Multi-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
  • Active Directory support
  • Geo-location and login time tracking to identify suspicious login activity
  • Virus scanning
  • Application and server level IDS
  • Configurable password conventions to support any required policies
  • Session management with auto timeout


  • Role-based access management
  • Profile pictures
  • Download access control
  • Device access control
  • Granular files access
  • Granular user access
  • Access expiry, lock and notification controls
  • Batch create users from CSV
  • Sharable user lists to streamline distribution and downloading workflows


  • Apps – Apple TV and Mobile iOS
  • Aspera for accelerated upload/download speeds
  • Wowza CDN for seamless global streaming experience
  • Bluescape for presentations and review workspace
  • Teradek for livestreaming camera-feeds
  • Avid for additional ALE metadata
  • Color corrected daily proxies and metadata with Cloudfront
  • ScriptE for continuity and script notes
  • 3rd party forensic watermarking
  • 100% RESTful API framework for additional application integration
  • Adobe Panels (coming soon)
  • 3D model viewer (coming soon)
  • Google Maps for geo-referencing
  • Facial and object recognition
  • Branded portals for public access (coming soon)


  • Infinitely scalable, high availability service oriented architecture
  • Deploy on premise or in the cloud
  • Single-page application
  • Object storage
  • Cold storage
  • Auto-scaling


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