5th Kind for the enterprise

Manage your brand at scale with a modern asset management system, real-time collaboration, and tools for creatives that keep your content pipeline moving at full speed.

Brand consistency across the globe

Even the largest, distributed companies manage their brand confidently on 5th Kind’s media production platform. Each of your departments around the globe can adhere to brand guidelines when producing marketing and sales content, by knowing what is new and approved. This helps eliminate the risk presented by legacy content libraries and independent folder systems managed by local teams.

A centralized home for every creative asset

Every time enterprise teams need to build branded content, they need to send requests to local marketing and brand managers, or consult with headquarters, to get access to the latest content.

They may need to create materials themselves, or use multiple file storage platforms to create the content they need.

CORE replaces this unmanageable network of file management with a single, organized system for storing and searching for digital assets, as well as role and access management for team members.

Secure collaboration for global teams

CORE gives you HD video streaming, on-demand meeting rooms, and collaborative workflows for remote teams, clearing the way for efficient, high-volume content creation true to your brand.

Complete access and visibility for marketing

Move fast and stay focused on every campaign. CORE makes it easy to give the right people access to approved creative assets while keeping your intellectual property secure.

Role and user-based permissions give marketing teams instant access to digital assets for global and localized campaigns.
Built-in version management makes it clear which files are final and approved, while automated metadata makes assets findable.
Time-restricted access, watermarking, and viewing metrics make it safe to share digital files with partners and contractors.

Enterprise-grade security

SOC 2 certified
Source code review annually
Geo-location and login tracking to
identify suspicious activity
DDoS protection at multiple layers
Disk-level encryption
Virus scanning
3rd party penetration tested quarterly
Active directory support
Application and server-level IDS

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