5th Kind for the gaming industry

The appetite for exciting new games is unstoppable. 5th Kind CORE helps you keep up with demand and make immersive games with our asset management and real-time collaboration platform. You can focus on your software development workflows so you can get your games to your audience of players more quickly.

Stream 4K video and
3D models in real-time.

With Core-LIVE integration, get everyone on the same page, in the same moment.

Hype up games before release

Marketing budgets can be just as big as the game itself. Put it to good use by making promotional assets available to any department that needs it, even at the last minute.

Search, tag, and sort digital content based on metadata and your own custom rules for digital asset management.
Give marketing role-based permission to access files for a particular game release while keeping others private.
Always know which creative assets are approved and up-to-date for brand continuity across multiple campaigns.

Avoid game content leaks

Teasers are good, but spoilers can be bad for business. Make sure game trailers and marketing campaign assets aren’t leaked early with robust security, visible and forensic watermarks, and configurable access controls built to keep things under wraps.

CORE is built on secure, redundant architecture with end-to-end encryption. The platform can be deployed on-prem for further security behind your firewall.
Configure permissions based on user profile details, team, location, device, and more. If something is leaked, you’ll know exactly who had access.

Complete control and visibility, from pre to post

Share concept art and graphics

Easily craft your game worlds, characters, and elements and distribute concept art to team members including developers and designers so you can finalize software production plans. To help facilitate sharing of creative content, 5th Kind’s products integrate with Adobe Creative Suite, the widely-used platform for graphic design, video editing, and web development applications.

Protect IP and prevent leaks

CORE helps ensure your game development assets are protected, with granular access management, encryption for digital files, and forensic watermarking so you know who has viewed and shared your assets. CORE is built on robust, secure, third-party verified infrastructure, ensuring that your game development review process will stay security compliant even with large, distributed teams.

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