5th Kind for studios

Produce the next blockbuster hit without limitations with 5th Kind as your virtual production platform. Modern asset management, real-time collaboration at scale, and workflows that meet the demands of fast-moving, distributed teams.

Complete control and visibility, from pre to post


Get actors, directors, and partners excited about your project early on by sharing concepts and storyboards on CORE.


Share progress across millions of files and thousands of team members, even when you’re spread across multiple continents.


Get feedback and approval, share digital assets with partners, and get your content to market without delay.

Secure, instant access for promotional teams

Drum up excitement for your next release and make the most of your marketing budget with powerful, customizable configurations for sharing media assets beyond the production team.

Safely bring creative partners, production crew, and cast members into the fold with granular, time-restricted file access at the role and user levels.
Give marketing teams access to easily searchable media assets to use in promotional campaigns, with forensic watermarking to discover leaks.

Virtual review sessions with HD streaming

No more gathering around a desk. Run dailies, host a remote video village, and share on-demand video using the only platform that’s optimized for your team’s available bandwidth.
"The partnership that we have ongoing with 5th Kind, Inc. is unlike any other that I've experienced. I'm being told by our tech ops that this is an unusual situation to have a tech company be so responsive to what we need and so personalized and then available. And that's just irreplaceable."
Spencer Douglass
Director of Integrated Marketing, Warner Bros. Entertainment

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