5th Kind for visual effects teams

Collaborate with VFX teams on media for your digital streaming and feature productions, with a platform that supports robust digital asset tracking, remote review and approval, and the highest fidelity playback of shared media files and live content.

Manage and collaborate on files faster than ever

Effortlessly handle complex VFX and virtual production and keep up with the growing numbers of work-in-progress assets.
Automated asset tagging to help you keep track of file taxonomy during production, and reuse media and VFX files during the production process and afterward as studio assets.
Start meetings on-demand from anywhere, on any device to share ideas, review high-resolution streams, and get quick approval.
Annotate, comment, add metadata, and record review session audio, alongside and on top of your VFX shots with frame-level accuracy.

A format for every occasion

Choose from over 50 video codecs, 300 image formats, and dozens of document and audio file types to share content in the most effective formats to support your production workflows.
View 3D models of your VFX production assets in any browser, with no plugins needed
Support for all visual and sound formats for collaboration and review on desktop or mobile

Share your vision before production

Use 5th Kind CORE to preview storyboards and concept art with the director, get actors and investors on board, and see how stakeholders react to different visual effects. Bring remote teams together in real-time to discuss and revise ideas and concepts before committing to development.
See how CORE helps streamline VFX workflows in:


Get actors, directors, and partners excited about your project early on by sharing concepts and storyboards on CORE.


Share progress across millions of files and thousands of team members, even when you’re spread across multiple continents.


Get feedback and approval, share digital assets with partners, and get your content to market without delay.

"CORE by 5th Kind, Inc. has many handy features, which become a natural extension of work-flow. It can stand as an "all-in-one" solution. And the company support responsiveness is exemplary."

Tom Saliciccia
Director, IT & Operations Rovio Animations

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