5th Kind for visual effects teams

Package, share, and approve stunning visual effects without limitations on a platform designed for high-quality streaming and productive remote work.

Manage and collaborate on files faster than ever

Rapid search, high-speed file transfer, and bandwidth detection for the best possible streaming quality.
Start meetings on-demand from anywhere, on any device to share ideas and get quick approval.
Comment alongside specific frames or sections for more actionable feedback in review sessions.

A format for every occasion

Choose from over 50 codecs, 300 image formats, and dozens of document and audio formats to share content in whatever way works best for your project.
View 3D models in a browser, no plugins needed
Support for all formats on desktop or mobile

Sell your vision before production

Preview your storyboards and concept art with the director, get actors and investors on board, and see how stakeholders react to different effects before committing.
5th Kind in:

"CORE by 5th Kind, Inc. has many handy features, which become a natural extension of work-flow. It can stand as an "all-in-one" solution. And the company support responsiveness is exemplary."

Tom Saliciccia
Director, IT & Operations Rovio Animations

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