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Published 09/24/2020

Online Meeting Tools: CORE Sync Optimizes Your WFH Game

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Online meeting tools have had to evolve rapidly in our current environment. While we might not be able to keep our kids or pets out of the background, meeting with your teams should be simple, streamlined, and offer you the features you need to achieve your workflows. 5th Kind has responded by adding a new tool to our portfolio, the CORE Sync module. Intended to further optimize how teams collaborate virtually, CORE Sync is the first of several major product releases to be revealed this year.

From anywhere in the world in real time, Sync enables your teams to securely review videos, images, docs, audio files — and by year’s end, 3D models. Supported on tablets and desktops, the product includes annotation tools, accurate synchronization down to the page and video frame, watermarking, and encryption.  With Sync, your teams have the ability to make on-the-spot decisions within any workflow. And it supports up to 100 concurrent users, soon to be scaled in the thousands. Currently available to all CORE clients, Sync is also sold as a standalone product.

WB Integrated Marketing Director Spencer Douglas highlighted the CORE benefits to his team in a recent webinar at Hollywood IT Society‘s (HITS) this Spring,

We can now give presentations to hundreds of people. Having them look at their custom tailored watermark with their name on it, creating personal accountability in the system. So our fears have been allayed and we feel much better. It’s been going really smoothly for the last few weeks, and we’re excited about the prospect of how the system is evolving. I think it’s only gonna get better from here, frankly.”

Sync is being rolled out as a part of 5th Kind’s CORE 6.5 release. The update includes a seamless integration with Box.com, enabling users to manage and tag Box files directly in CORE, as well as an ALE importer function for post workflows and full CORE accessibility on tablets.

Stay tuned for more.

About CORE

CORE, 5th Kind’s media cloud asset management and collaboration platform has been a secure hub for Hollywood studios like Marvel, Illumination, and NBCUniversal. CORE plays an integral role in global, end-to-end studio asset management from pre-production through dailies and post workflows, streamlining and accelerating team processes with reliable security features that clients have come to count on.

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