Collaborate across desks or continents

Meet, review assets, and make important decisions from anywhere with CORE’s collaborative features.

Simple, streamlined sharing and distribution

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Drag-and-Drop package creation with custom playlist ordering
Shopping cart like experience for playlist creation and distribution
Ad-hoc package creation

Live meeting rooms,
on demand

Get together virtually whenever you need. Meet live without latency or access issues in a secure,  real-time environment built for creative iteration.

Host a remote
video village

Allow an unlimited number of recipients to view packages of files. Every participant can annotate and interact across frame-specific video, paginated documents, and zoomable images, giving feedback in real time.

Control how recipients see content

Contextual shares allows you to control the user experience for the recipient, while custom-branded portals help orient the reviewer.

Interactively review and approve assets

Review fully-synchronized assets from anywhere in the world. Enjoy an integrated review and approval workflow that supports multiple status types.

Take notes and comment on the fly

CORE makes it easy to annotate content and comment on specific sections of video or files in a package.

Frame and page-accurate annotation capabilities
Ranged annotations available on playable file types
Private and public commenting features
Review mode allows multiple file, frame, or page comments in a single session

Two paths to real-time video collaboration with 5th Kind

Path 1

CORE’s all-in-one remote production, video conferencing, screen sharing with annotations, and live multi-camera feed tool

Path 2

A remote, streaming video village integration from Teradek to CORE by 5th Kind.

Greater Quality Control

Version control ensures users are seeing the correct version of an asset
User history module to see what you’ve viewed, downloaded, uploaded, and commented on
Picture displays in HD 1080p, and camera feeds stream with near-zero latency
Asset-centric inbox lets you favorite, label, sort, and search
Notifications that can be set based on system-specific actions like ingest and approvals
Dolby integration guarantees 5.1 audio quality and features noise dampening

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