Masterful file management on CORE.

When you have a million things to do, worrying about files should never be one of them. CORE is a modern asset management solution built for fast-moving creative teams.

Find and share files instantly

Rapid and faceted search makes scouring folders a thing of the past
Accelerated upload and download of any file size or file type
Download groups of files as they become available (no need for zip)
Bandwidth detection gets the best possible streaming quality
Ingest and share while files are still uploading

Manage feedback like a pro

Check the comment indicator to easily track new comments
Automatically monitor users uploads and downloads
Use storyboard thumbnails to preview video files during playback
Visually see approval statuses on file thumbnails

Organize and package assets for optimal sharing

Video sub-clipping makes it easy to track and review specific media clips.
“Viewed” indicator provides visibility into what team members have or haven’t seen.
Version control helps everyone understand which files are updated and approved.

Make proxies to perfection

Create proxies to quickly share assets in progress. CORE makes it easy to use the best format for your project.
50 codecs including ProRes and Windows
300 image formats including HDR, CR2, NEF, and DPX
12 document formats including pdf, doc, xls, and ppt
X audio formats with Waveform Viewer

See it in Action

View 3D models in a browser, no plugins needed.

See why 5th Kind is a better alternative to legacy asset management solutions.