Harness the power of metadata

CORE helps you manage media files with intuitive, customizable metadata categories and tagging structures.

Flexible taxonomies and tagging

CORE provides intuitive media file taxonomy and tagging structures out of the box, allowing you to customize unlimited metadata categories, groups, fields, values, and relationships for more efficient management of your digital assets.

The right digital media files at your fingertips

Put media metadata to work with high-performance, multi-faceted search filters and customizable browsing capabilities.

List Modes

Use fully-configurable list modes to help producers and coordinators find media files using search and browse fields that are relevant to them.

Metadata Templates

Deploy CORE’s flexible metadata templates that can be saved and loaded for media file ingest, digital asset search, and management of user roles.

More accurate reporting with metadata

CORE administrators can create targeted content distribution reports, and develop accurate contact sheets by filtering for specific media file metadata. You gain detailed control and understanding of where your files are going and who has access to view and download them.
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Integrate with digital file management systems for extended metadata capabilities

Learn more about 5th Kind’s metadata capabilities with a complete demo.