Your modern media asset management platform

Seamlessly manage digital media assets, collaborate in real time, and make brilliant content at high velocity with 5th Kind’s CORE platform.

How it Works

Accelerate your creative pipeline by managing and sharing media assets with production teams in real time.
Smart Storage

Organize and search millions of media files in one place

Spend less time searching for media production assets and more time creating. CORE supports the various file types, formats, and sizes you need to make high-definition, stunning visual effects and digital content.
Advanced Control

Use metadata to fine-tune asset management and permissions

Enrich every digital production asset with metadata for greater context and control. Create content filters, produce reports, run in-depth media asset searches, and set permissions based on metadata stored within CORE.
Tools for Teams

Collaborate from anywhere with real-time streaming and review

Present creative work to production executives, directors, collaborators, and outside partners without sacrificing media quality or communication. CORE gives you live meeting rooms on demand, effective feedback and iteration tools, and sharing capabilities that deliver an in-person experience from anywhere.
Airtight Security

Keep your digital assets secure and safe from leaks

Protect your work with encrypted video, robust on-premise or cloud-based architecture, and configurable watermarking on the fly. Granular permissions and access management help you control exactly who can see and download each digital media file or package.
User Friendly

Personalize your experience with configurable user profiles

Unite and empower your distributed, global production teams by defining content users and their permissions in an intuitive, easy-to-manage way.

Who relies on CORE?

Accelerate the creative process from pre- through post-production. CORE lets you focus on getting industry-changing films, shows, and games to market without delay.

Scalable, secure architecture for your digital media assets

High-availability, service-oriented architecture and single-page application optimized for production at high volumes.
Scale automatically as your content management needs change for uninterrupted performance.
Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud with optional additional layers of security.

Stay productive
from anywhere

Our media asset management platform is built for working from any location, on any device. Make the most of your distributed production team’s time with real-time, HD video streaming and communication right in your browser.

Watch the CORE platform in action during a live demo.