Secure asset management
at scale

Keep your intellectual property and your data safe with enterprise-grade security throughout the production workflow.

Protect creative assets

Set granular permissions at the user and role levels to keep creative work private.

Prevent leaks

Watermark your content before sharing or on the fly.

Meet security standards

Tier 1 security system, ISO 27001 certified

Highly configurable access controls

CORE makes it easy to configure access control, add single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

File access rules based on any piece of file metadata within system
User access rules based on any piece of user metadata within system
Put limits on how long and how many times an asset can be viewed or downloaded
Session management with auto timeout
Configurable password conventions to support any required policies
Authentication based on latest OAuth 2.0 standards
Multi-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
DDoS protection at multiple layers
3rd party penetration tested quarterly
Source code review annually
Disk-level encryption
Active directory support
Geo-location and login time tracking to identify suspicious login activity
Virus scanning
Application and server level IDS

Robust architecture for maximum protection

CORE is built on robust, secure, third-party verified infrastructure so you never have to wonder who has access—no matter what stage of production you’re in.

Watermark any asset instantly on CORE.

On-the-fly visual and forensic watermarking when viewing videos, images and documents
Baked-in visual watermarking for sharing and downloading

Stay compliant even with large, distributed teams.

Access a full audit trail of every action performed within the system at asset or user level.

Learn why security is non-negotiable at 5th Kind.