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From major studios to up-and-coming productions, we bring clarity to the chaos of the production pipelines. We’ve taken 10+ years of industry experience to build technologies that optimize the production process to accelerate decision-making.  

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One of the most crucial things we’ve learned about digital asset management is how every decision made about how information flows in and out of an organization has ripple effects, from risks to the creative process to corporate security concerns. 

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We believe success requires ongoing strategic collaboration, scalability, enterprise-level security, thoughtful UX, personalized account management, real-time support, and client-led innovation.

5th Kind, Inc. believes in being a partner to our clients to help them integrate and scale their technologies as every stage of production continues to evolve. 5th Kind, Inc. is the backbone of our client’s technological strategy.

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Every hero needs
a sidekick.

5th Kind is Marvel Studios’ exclusive digital hub and workflow backbone, providing studio-wide security and management of all feature film, TV and consumer product assets, distribution pipelines, marketing and archives.

In 2007, our team began the process of reinventing Marvel’s studio through technology. Now we help them sync projects across the studio and around the world, with quick and effortless accessibility to files and approvals via any browser or device. Version control and efficient storage ensure Marvel avoids duplication of files across 1700 companies in 30 countries, and the platform is scalable for any asset size and type. Marvel has maximized their investment in franchise assets by intelligently archiving assets for re-use.

5th Kind, Inc. has helped Marvel Studios save millions of dollars on every production. On top of that, we’ve supported the making of some of the world’s most awarded and profitable movies. 

"5th Kind, Inc. is an important part of the modern pipeline we created at the studio. It is what keeps all our lines of business in sync with the studio and our productions. I couldn't imagine managing what we do without it."

Randy McGowan
VP Marvel Studio Operations

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