Training and Support Videos

Creating takes teamwork. Your team includes talented directors, videographers, VFX designers, producers, editors, all working to tell your story.

CORE: Create and Collaborate

5th Kind CORE helps you manage and share digital assets securely, and helps teams review content together in real-time. This video shows how the collaborative features in CORE help drive your creative process. Watch it now!

CORE: Streamline Approvals

CORE’s review process helps you approve digital assets, view the file status and versions, and request changes in granular detail. This video shows how you can manage file versions and ensure your team is using the right ones. Watch now!

CORE: Make Files Findable

5th Kind CORE gives you the tagging and search capabilities that you can share across your team, no matter where they are, so they can contribute to your production without barriers. Learn how to use tagging and search tools in CORE here. Watch now.

CORE: Secure Content Deliverables

This video shows you how to manage permission controls, secure your files with customizable watermarks, set expirations, and track file usage. We'll make sure you can avoid running into this guy. Watch now.

CORE: Wrapping out a Production

5th Kind CORE lets you organize your wrap out deliverables, while also helping you find files after the production is over. In this video, you’ll learn how to coordinate design files, photography, VFX assets, and other important elements into a final package, so you can hand off finished productions with confidence. Watch now!

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