CORE by 5th Kind integrates your workflows and your teams creating a single source of truth for your production assets, collaboration and feedback, and remote production pipelines. No more technobabble. No more confusion. Just a simple, centralized, secure platform that ensures you and your teams can focus on what you do best: creating.


Fix it in Pre

Producers, Locations, Logistics

CORE makes your life easier, no matter if you’re in pre-production or pre-pre-production. Secure sharing features help you sell a script to actors, and then sell your movie or show. This tool centralizes your communications and assets in a single source of truth so your distributed teams can march to the same beat. The integration with Box, the Content Cloud, turns your files into assets enabling you add tags and metadata.  You can rest assured your essential documents like budgets, script versions, casting selects, location scouts, and director-approved concepts are always at hand. CORE gives you the confidence to always know, at any stage of the production, what assets are the approved final or current version. And security is never a worry as all assets are watermarked and tracked. So you can easily manage mass distributions and production-wide downloads, watermarking scripts, one liners, and DOODs. Finally, when the project is complete, you’ll have a centralized archive of all final files for distribution.

Directors and Storytellers

You have a creative vision; CORE helps bring that to life. Its robust sharing tools help you communicate how you see the project unfolding. CORE cuts feedback time by centralizing your notes as you collaborate on storyboards, script notes, moodboards, previs, production design, and more. You can approve materials from various departments, like casting selects, and keep everyone on the same page as to what’s been approved. These same tools will serve you throughout post production, from circle takes to timecode notes. At the end of the day, CORE ensures the integrity of your vision at every phase of the process.

Art Directors, Costume Designers, SFX, H&MU

CORE wrangles all the different production departments, making it easier than ever to connect your globally-distributed teams and vendors while controlling your creative vision. From architectural drawings for set designs and monster builds to costume creation and hair and makeup tests, everyone can share their work with the relevant decision-makers. Teams can collaborate and get approval all in one system, so everyone knows what assets are final, and what assets can be ignored. Upload your tests in pre-pro and your continuity shots during production. Tag files to associate them with characters, locations, scenes, and other important information, so anyone can easily find them at a later date.

DPs, VFX Teams, and Animators

CORE helps you build your creative vision alongside the director. You can easily craft your pre-visualizations and animatics from approved storyboards, concept art, and character and element designs. Distributing content to vendors for your bidding pipelines is simple and secure. CORE lets you capture assets and metadata from Shotgun, collaborate with the director and team to finalize your camera setups, and tag everything for easy findability in post.


Live From Set Anywhere Around the World

Get quick access to all relevant assets and approvals from pre-production right there on set, from camera set ups to set designs and more.

Live Streaming

CORE gives you a video village experience from wherever you happen to be. Live camera feeds from our Teradek integration allow you and your teams to keep an eye on things as if you were on set. Stream as many as nine feeds accompanied by real-time captured metadata. In addition, chat and meeting functionality are built into the platform, as is real-time, in-feed notes sharing.  With live streaming, CORE helps reduce production travel costs, improves set safety, and facilitates communication with your remote teams and stakeholders by bringing everyone together in one digital space.

Camera to Cloud Recordings

Whether it be a set witness cam, A cam, or B unit, your livestreams auto-record to the cloud in predetermined intervals up to two hours long. These feeds are then easy to review and reference, even in advance of your dailies. These set cam recordings can be used for safety and security log purposes.

Proxy Color Processing

New integrations coming soon.

Camera and Scripty Metadata Capture

Associate your set production metadata by importing ALEs and ScriptE files to CORE where they’ll be associated with the dailies and RAW files uploaded by DIT. Your director and editors will be able to easily find assets by specific metadata like a lens type or script continuity note.


Post and Beyond

Editorial Teams, Color, DI, and Finishing

Whether you’re using CORE Dailies or not, CORE helps kickoff your post-editorial, trailers, and marketing processes immediately. Easily see the director’s circle takes to know which ones to use. Work with your team in real-time to review cuts for notes and changes. Send cuts, clips, and RAW files securely to different teams and vendors, and receive their assets to incorporate into your project files. Access ALE and ScriptE data to find the shots you need, and work directly in Premiere without ever leaving the system. When the project is complete, archive the final movie exports, as well as background plates and costume designs for future licensing, distribution, asset libraries, and sequels.

VFX Teams

CORE accelerates your VFX approval workflows. How? By connecting your distributed teams and offering a user-friendly approvals function that makes the status of your shots and sequences crystal clear. Pull in elements via Shotgun. Streamline shot reviews by quickly turning around notes on file share that are both timecoded and frame accurate. Manage hundreds of vendors and associated assets securely. Build out your archival elements library, like gun pops and flames, for future re-use. And cut egress costs between file transfers across your programs with our AWS MediaExchange integration that interfaces with FSx and remote work stations. Finally, integrations supporting 360 images and video as well as 3D modeling are forthcoming.

Audio, Music, and Localization Teams

We get it: you use all kinds of tools to get the job done. With CORE, you don’t need to replace any of them, because it seamlessly plugs into your workflow to enhance the process. When you’re done creating your files, upload them to CORE to catalogue the latest version and get approvals. Share them with the editorial team for online. Capture and approve audition VO tracks, along with additional language scripts, recordings, and subtitles. And even if you can’t be with your director in person, you can open a live session supported by Dolby io to review your latest composition. CORE can bundle localized content for distribution across various markets. And coming soon, it will support subtitling on video in the system.

Trailer Groups

CORE helps you get assets through the production process, improving your content turnover time. By connecting your teams with editorial on one platform, you can create cuts and assemblies earlier, get approvals faster, and safeguard your content. Sharing files with different teams and vendors has never been easier. And watermarks, managed distribution lists, and user permissions ensure best-in-class security. Notes and feedback are shared directly on cuts, and when everything is complete, you can distribute trailers to platforms from the system, and then archive final assets and project files.

Licensors and Library Managers

CORE makes managing your content libraries easy. Supporting more than 330 file types, your contracts, licensing agreements and legal paperwork can be stored alongside the final movies, programs, EPKs and soundtracks. And with simple to understand statuses, customized tagging, and security options like user permissions and individual watermarking, your assets will remain both secure and findable. What’s more, CORE users can send final packages to distributors. Through simple sharing or with our AWS MediaExchange integration, final approved content moves swiftly to distribution platforms like OWNZONES for IMF distribution, making your life–and your buyer’s–easier.

Marketers and Publicity

Because we know how busy you are, CORE streamlines the exchange from production to marketing by ensuring you see what’s approved as soon as it’s ready. What’s more, you can easily collaborate with the multitude of teams and vendors that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Everything you need is in one convenient location, from set dailies for publicity packages to photo kills from actors and agents, to producer, studio, and legal approvals of assets for release. And when it comes to integrated marketing releases, you can add presentations, such as for toy companies and other licensee vendor companies, so they can be distributed securely with personalized watermarks in a live meeting or on a shared deck.



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