Review at the speed of

LIVE provides simple and secure production review by delivering high quality audio/video, with setup in seconds, up to nine livestreams, and visual watermarking.

Set-up In Seconds

Built to be accessed directly from your browser. No hardware required.

Accelerate Decision Making

Bring collaborators together for over the shoulder WIP review.

Industry Leading Security

Live visual watermarking to protect your production.

Instantaneous WIP Review

Live multi-panel video review with built-in video conferencing, collaboration and annotation tools.

A flexible and easy review solution

You can review live feeds from the editing bay, VFX or VR assets on artist desktops, cameras on set, and/or location scouts.

Collaborate and approve at the speed of LIVE

Collaborate LIVE with your teams, wherever they are, to make decisions faster than ever. Side by side comparisons allow you to stay on the same page, no matter what.

Without sacrificing quality...

The highest quality audio & video in LIVE Review. Up to 4K resolution and up to 32 channel and/or spatial audio. It's official, speed doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality.

...or security

With DAM good security, Live Rooms applies visual watermarks in real-time so you can move with speed & confidence knowing your project is safe.


/ month
Per Additional Panels @ $49/month
OTS Desktop Review
Live Camera Feed
up to 10-bit Color Depth
Up to 4K resolution
Up to 32 channel and/or spatial audio
Up to 9 Panels
Embedded Video Conference with Noise Reduction
Up to 50 Reviewers
On Screen Annotations

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Synced Digital Assets
Up to 50
Up to 20
On Screen Annotations

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