The better way to do DAILIES

If you’re responsible for reviewing dailies, or managing production assets for review, you know how important it is to securely distribute dailies to production decision-makers, for review on desktop or mobile environments. CORE makes dailies task management easy, by making your digital files readily available for remote production teams, anywhere, in real time.

Review dailies from anywhere on any device

CORE is a browser-based software solution that allows you to easily & securely distribute dailies to all of your production decision-makers. Editors can sync and transcode raw media files, directors and producers can collaborate with creative teams, with the capability to review proxies from a centralized web interface. All you need is an internet connection.

DAM level security trusted by major studios

CORE helps ensure your digital media assets are protected, with granular access management, encryption for digital files, and forensic watermarking so you know who has viewed and shared your assets. CORE is built on robust, secure, third-party verified infrastructure, ensuring that your dailies review process will stay security compliant even with large, distributed teams. You never have to worry about protecting your IP—no matter what stage of production you’re in.

Frame by Frame Accuracy

Speed up the dailies review process with in-panel annotations and exact timeframe and duration selections, directly to your production team. CORE lets you store approval histories and clarify comments with frame-by-frame accuracy, to accelerate the decision-making process.

The Future of DAILIES

CORE helps you build a consistent digital file review process so nothing slips through the cracks. It includes easy-to-use tools for upload, file management, and review of creative assets, allowing producers and directors to screen HD content, adding notes and viewing edits in real time. You can move with speed & confidence without compromising on your best content.

Take DAILIES further with CORE.