Moving beyond DAM

What does it mean to move on from digital asset management? After decades of static folder structures, multiple production platforms, hard-to-manage media files, non-compliant security measures, and other technical limitations that make online sharing frustrating, creative production teams need more.

The Old Way

Manually organizing and updating folders and media files without a plan to scale
Dealing with complex procurement and implementation processes for asset management platforms
Using multiple compression software tools and algorithms to download digital files
Getting delayed by fragmented file management toolsets and workflows
Content reviews where everyone huddles in front of a desktop monitor in the office
Limited digital asset sharing due to bandwidth and security concerns

The New Way

A platform that automatically tags and organizes files for searchability, easily scaling past millions of assets
Use the creative file management tools you want within a single, integrated system
Share and stream content anywhere, to any device for real-time collaboration, review and approval
Download groups of digital media files the instant they become available
Built-in security features like granular permissions, watermarking, and encryption

Manage digital assets for productions

5th Kind CORE is your all-in-one DAM. You get enterprise-grade digital asset management, built for production crew and asset managers. Easily find any file associated with your production, review it in high resolution, and collaborate with remote teams.

CORE Capabilities:

Automatically tag files for maximum search-ability
Multiple creative workflow tools within a single integrated system
Stream content to any device for real-time review and approval
Mass distribute transcoded files manually or using automated triggers
Synchronous and Asynchronous review
Built-in security with granular permissions, watermarking, and encryption
Automatic generation of proxies from any production file format
Intuitive, high-fidelity video playback
Live collaboration with videoconferencing, on-screen annotations, private/group chat
Record sessions with comment/approval history

Every hero needs a sidekick.

A digital media production platform that connects the dots

5th Kind brings enterprise-grade digital asset management software to creatives who need to focus on moving their production content through the pipeline. We solve the challenges around poor connectivity, clunky collaboration, and the broken file management workflows that happen when tools restrict production rather than move it along.

The new DAM isn’t just about asset management. It’s lightning fast real-time streaming. On-the-fly remote review sessions. Finding the right media file and version the moment you need it. And integrating your creative applications with the tools you use to keep track of it all.

Advantages of working with 5th Kind

Enterprise-scalable DAM for content production
Content security trusted by filmmakers and major studios
Flexible pricing options for productions, directors, cast, and crew
Extensible to integrate with any content creation source applications, equipment or storage containers

Ready to make the leap?
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