Moving beyond DAM

What does it mean to move on from digital asset management? After decades of static folder structures, hard-to-manage files, and technical limitations that make online sharing frustrating, creative teams are looking for more.

The Old Way

Manually organizing and updating folders and files without a plan to scale
Getting involved in a complex buying process and implementation stage
Download groups of files as they become available (no need for zip)
Getting delayed by fragmented toolsets and workflows
Content reviews that are only productive in front of a desktop or in the office
Asset sharing that’s limited by factors like bandwidth and security concerns

The New Way

A platform that automatically organizes files and makes them searchable, easily scaling past millions of assets
Using the creative tools you want while storing the output on a single, integrated system
Reviewing, collaborating on, and approving content from anywhere, on any device
Built-in security features like granular permissions, watermarking, and encryption
Fast, reliable ways to share and stream content

Every hero needs a sidekick.

A virtual production platform that connects the dots

5th Kind brings enterprise-grade software to creatives who need to focus on moving their content through the pipeline. We solve the challenges around poor connectivity, clunky collaboration, and the broken workflows that happen when tools restrict production rather than move it along.

The new DAM isn’t just about asset management. It’s lightning fast real-time streaming. On-the-fly remote review sessions. Finding the right file and version the moment you need it. And integrating your creative applications with the tools you use to keep track of it all.

Ready to make the leap?
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