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5th Kind’s digital media solutions empower studios, agencies, and brands to manage your digital assets at every stage of production. We help you optimize your production process, accelerate decision-making, and get your finished work to your audience faster, while keeping your cloud-based assets and workflows protected and secure.

Seamless and secure digital asset management
throughout the production process


Get people excited about your production and start collaborating and planning your media asset management strategy from day one.


Share digital files with your entire production team, directors, and other stakeholders through every step of the creative process.


Get feedback and approval for editing, sound, and VFX producers so you can deliver your finished content to market on time.


Accelerate the creative process from pre- through post-production. 5th Kind’s digital asset management and production collaboration solutions let you focus on delivering groundbreaking films, shows, and games to your audience without delay.

"CORE by 5th Kind, Inc. has many handy features, which become a natural extension of work-flow. It can stand as an "all-in-one" solution. And the company support responsiveness is exemplary."

Tom Saliciccia
Director, IT & Operations Rovio Animations

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