Post-production with
5th Kind

Keep the creative pipeline moving after production and help other departments find the finished media assets they need to go to market.

Dynamically package and share media files with stakeholders

Send a review package of secure post-production content to an unlimited number of your colleagues.
Hop on to your preferred video conferencing service with members of your post-production teams.
Hit the review button in CORE to begin sharing your package of post-production files with your crew.

Keep track of which digital assets are current

With so many different iterations from earlier stages of the production process, stay confident you’re sharing and working with the latest, approved version of your creative media assets.

Securely send materials to agencies, marketing teams, and partners

Creating content is just the beginning. Make it easy for your team to find and send media assets securely using watermarks and access controls to everyone working on your production, in-house or not.
Role-based permissions for managing who has access to your production media
User-based granular access for controlling what actions can be taken by team members
Time-bound file sharing for determining when production crew can access and share media

5th Kind makes film and media production easier at every stage. Get a demo of our CORE platform.