Pre-production with
5th Kind

Start every production right with a modern asset management system and real-time collaboration tools.

Share ideas securely before production

Organize and share media creation ideas in a central repository, including story pitches, production plans, scripts and storyboards, to share with the actors, studios, and teams that bring your project to life.
Keep essential pre-production documents and digital media files where your teams can easily find and share them from day one.This comment is pinned to a hidden element.
Integrate with Box and other digital storage platforms for secure content management, collaboration, and file sharing in the cloud.
Automatically add tags and metadata to improve searchability, and configure watermarks and access controls to protect your assets.

Tell your story without limitations

You have a creative vision for your media production—CORE makes it a reality. Get feedback on story concepts and centralize your production planning and notes as your ideas take shape.

No technical production roadblocks

Share and update storyboards, script notes, moodboards, previs, production design, concept art, set layouts, wardrobe planning, and more in real-time without worrying about bandwidth.

No cross-team knowledge gaps

Approve materials from various departments, including casting selects, story planning, graphics, media formats, and more, and keep everyone on the same page as to what’s been approved.

Connect departments and remote teams

CORE wrangles all of your different media production departments, making it easier than ever to connect globally-distributed teams and vendors while controlling your creative vision. From architectural drawings for set designs and monster builds to costume creation and hair and makeup tests, everyone can share their work with relevant decision-makers.

Securely distribute concept art

DPs, VFX teams, animators, and other creators need to share their creative vision without worrying about the safety of their IP. Easily craft your pre-visualizations and animatics from approved storyboards, concept art, and character and element designs, then securely distribute them to vendors and actors as you finalize production plans.

5th Kind makes film and media production easier at every stage. Learn more in a demo of our CORE platform.